• Topics

  • The Gold 2018 conference will deal with topics related to gold, within the variety of its form: gold nanoparticles, gold surfaces, gold complexes, gold cations…, which will be distributed within the six topics listed below.
    1- Catalysis
    Heterogeneous catalysis (oxidation, hydrogenation, single site catalysis…) / Photocatalysis / Electrocatalysis / Plasmonics assisted catalysis / Bimetallic catalysis

    2- Plasmonics
    Nanophotonics / Thermal effects / Ultrafast spectroscopy / Surface enhanced spectroscopies (fluorescence, SERS, SEIRA, TERS) / Nonlinear optics

    3- Biofunctionalization and medical applications
    Theranostics / Therapy / Imaging / Cancer/ Biosensing / Biofunctionalization / Toxicity / Environmental impact

    Gold islands on a silicon substrate (A. Levy)
    4- Nanoparticles synthesis and self-assembly
    Self-assembled monolayers on gold surfaces and on nanoparticles / Self-organization of nanoparticles and supracrystals / Bioinspired self-assembly / DNA nanotechnology / Nano-clusters / Novel syntheses and novel surface ligands

    5- Molecular gold complexes
    Coordination chemistry / Homogeneous catalysis / Luminescence / Bioactivity

    6- Nanoelectronics, optoelectronics and electrochemistry
    Hot carriers in plasmonics / Nanoelectronics / Gold functionalization for molecular electronics / Electrochemistry / Charge transfer at interfaces

    7- (Un)expected uses of gold