• Keynote speakers

  • S1. Catalysis
    Heterogeneous catalysis (oxidation, hydrogenation, single site catalysis…) / Photocatalysis / Electrocatalysis (see section F) / Plasmonics assisted catalysis / Bimetallic catalysis (for Homogenous catalysis, see section E)
    Jürgen Behm - Ulm University, Germany
    Title: More Insights into Fundamental Aspects of Au Catalysis: From Idealized In Situ Characterization to Operando Spectroscopy

    Hermenegildo García - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
    Title: Gold nanoparticles Encapsulated within Metal Organic Frameworksas catalysts

    Yuichi Negishi - Tokoyo University of Science
    Title: Precise Synthesis and Application of Small Gold and Bimetal Clusters

    Javier Pérez-Ramirez - ETH Zurich, Switzerland
    Title: Nanostructured catalysts for selective hydrogenation and hydrochlorination: where does gold stand?

    Hynd Remita - Université Paris-Sud, France
    Title: Modification of titanium dioxide with gold-based nanoparticles for photocatalysis under visible light: water treatment and hydrogen production

    Michael Wong - Rice University, USA
    Title: Nanostructural features that govern effective oxidation and reduction reactions in liquid phase with gold based catalysts
  • S2. Plasmonics
    Nanophotonics / Thermal effects / Ultrafast spectroscopy / Surface enhanced spectroscopies (fluorescence, SERS, SEIRA, TERS)
    Guillaume Baffou - Institut Fresnel, Marseille, France
    Title: Heating gold nanoparticles with light: last applications in nanochemistry and thermal biology

    Mark Brongersma - Stanford University, USA
    Title: Ultrathin optical components based on active metasurfaces

    Natalia Del Fatti - Université Lyon 1, France
    Title: Linear and ultrafast plasmonics with individual nanoparticles

    Harald Giessen - University of Stuttgart, Germany
    Title: Short-range surface plasmons on single crystalline atomically flat gold surfaces: plasmonic orbital angular momentum and its subfemtosecond dynamics

    Albert Polman - Center for Nanophotonics, AMOLF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Title : Cathodoluminescencenanoscopy of Au nanostructures

    Romain Quidant - The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona, Spain
    Title: Let’s put nanoplasmonics to work!

    Bin Ren - Xiamen University, China
    Title: Gold - a core player in plasmon-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

    Jérôme Wenger - Institut Fresnel, Marseille, France
    Title: Gold nanoantennas to enhance the fluorescence emission of single molecules
  • S3. Biofunctionalisation and medical applications
    Theranostics  / Therapy / Imaging / Cancer /  Biosensing / Biofunctionalization / Toxicity / Environmental impact
    Mélanie Auffan - Centre Européen de Recherche et d'Enseignement des Géosciences de l'Environnement, Aix-en-Provence, France
    Title: Toward an integrated approach to assess the environmental risks of nanomaterials

    Xingyu Jiang, National Center for NanoSci & Tech, China
    Title: Gold nanoparticles as theranostic agents for multi-drug resistant bacteria

    Antonios Kanaras - University of Southampton, United Kingdom
    Title: DNA-Gold nanoparticles for endocellular sensing and efficient drug delivery

    Rachela Popovtzer - Bar-Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Israel
    Title: Gold nanoparticles for personalized medicine

    Francesco Stellacci - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
    Title: Gold nanoparticles as broad-spectrum antivirals

    Claire Wilhelm - Université Paris Diderot, France
    Title: Features and efficiency of thermal nano-therapies: progressive comparison between magnetic and plasmonic (gold) nanoparticles within the tumoral environment
  • S4. Nanoparticles synthesis and self-assembly
    Self-assembled monolayers on gold surfaces and on nanoparticles / Self-organization of nanoparticles and supracrystals /
    Bioinspired self-assembly / DNA nanotechnology / Nano-clusters / Novel syntheses and novel surface ligands
    Vincenzo Amendola - Università di Padova, Italy
    Title: Laser synthesis of "pure" and "doped" gold nanoparticles

    Oleg Gang - Columbia University, New York, USA
    Title: Programmable nanoparticle systems: designed architectures, controlled processes and regulated functions

    Laura Na Liu - University of Heidelberg, Germany
    Title: Dynamic plasmonic nanosystems

    Brigitte Pansu - Université Paris Sud - Université Paris Saclay, France
    Title: Metallurgy of gold nanoparticles

    Lucia Pasquato - Università di Trieste, Italy
    Title: Gold nanoparticles protected by mixed-monolayers: controlling the surface properties

    Victor Puntes - Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Spain
    Title: Cytoplasmatic synthesis of gold nanoparticles: the mystery of automaleate explained?
  • S5. Molecular gold complexes
    Coordination chemistry / Homogeneous catalysis / Luminescence / Bioactivity
    Marco Bandini - Università di Bologna, Italy
    Title: New perspectives in gold manipulation of arenes

    Louis Barriault - University of Ottawa, Canada
    Title: Organic transformations using photoredox gold catalysis

    Didier Bourissou - Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse, France
    Title: New reactivities of gold complexes: it is all a question of ligand design!

    Chi-ming Che - University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    Title: Gold complexes for materials applications and anti-cancer medicines

    Concepción Gimeno - Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
    Title: Synthesis and applications of functionalised n-heterocyclic carbene gold complexes

    Véronique Michelet - Université Côte d’Azur, France
    Title: Gold-catalyzed cycloisomerization and domino reactions: a journey in molecular diversity

    Liming Zhang - University of California Santa Barbara, USA
    Title: Gold catalysis enabled by designed bifunctional ligands
  • S6. Nanoelectronics, optoelectronics and electrochemistry
    Hot carriers in plasmonics / Nanoelectronics / Gold functionalization for molecular electronics / Electrochemistry / Charge transfer at interfaces
    Michel Calame - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) and University of Basel, Switzerland
    Title: Charge transport in nanoscale junctions

    Victor Climent Payá - University of Alicante, Spain
    Title: Enzymatic bioelectrocatalysis of the ORR on single crystal and polycrystalline gold electrodes

    Marc Koper - Leiden University, The Netherlands
    Title: Electrocatalysis on gold

    Dongil Lee - Yonsei University, Korea
    Title: Electrocatalysis with gold nanoclusters

    Elke Scheer - University of Konstanz, Germany
    Title: Transmission of surface plasmon polariton through nanometric constrictions
  • S7. (Un)expected uses of gold
    Trevor Keel - World Gold Council, London, UK
    Title: Gold's role as an industrial metal in 2018 and beyond